Quality Assessment Site Visit

TNPR is committed to maintain and promote the highest standards of quality. With this in mind, a new Quality Improvement (QI) activity will be established. The QI activity consists of performing a Site Visit to all the service locations (office and pools, among others) where services are rendered. These site visits will be conducted parallel to the credentialing process for new and existing providers, and when a member submit a complaint concerning to practice sites’ physical accessibility, physical appearance and adequacy of waiting room space. These visits will begin on October 2016.

As minimum, all service locations are required to be visited once every 3 years. During the site Visit, a TNPR Quality representative will be evaluating aspects such as: office accessibility, security and office environment, equipment, confidentiality, patient safety and risk management services, credentialing, medical records, quality assurance and utilization and appointment availability (24/7 telephone accessibility).

A written communication will sent via regular mail containing specific details about this new QI activity. Your full cooperation it’s expected with this initiative, which is focused on ensure that practice is performed at the highest quality standards.

Please note, that any facility which is certified by a state/federal agency, or accredited by specialties accrediting organizations (e.g., Joint Commission), is exempt from this inspection visit.

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