Therapy is our passion. Just like yours.

Therapy Network is one of the largest networks dedicated exclusively to occupational, speech and physical therapy. We know your passion is with patients not paperwork; and we embrace your mission as our own.

Our Portal Delivers the Tools to Make Your Job Easier

Striving for better health and the well-being of your patients

At TNPR, we value strong relationships and put your patients’ well-being at the center of everything we do. That's why we share the same mission of all of our providers: strive for the better health and the well-being of your patients. Since its inception, TNPR has been committed to building a trusted network of health care professionals so we can connect our customers with truly personal health care.

We are patient and provider centric

Our patient-centric approach is actually provider-centric too. It is designed to maximize the amount of authorized time you spend with your patient, while minimizing the administrative burden.

Additional differences and distinctions

We establish local medical committees so you can help guide our standard of care of which we are among a select group of healthcare organizations who have earned NCQA certification.

Always free to join, always fast to pay.

We will work with your team to get you up and running as quickly as possible. We also pay our providers weekly and accurately, so you can keep your focus on your patients.

Our Portal Delivers the Tools to Make Your Job Easier

Important Notice

Public Health Emergency (PHE) Declaration for Puerto Rico — Earthquake

A PHE declaration was issued on January 8, 2020, with a finding that a public health emergency exists beginning on December 28, 2019. A Social Security Act waiver was issued on January 8, 2020, was effective retroactive to December 28, 2019, and will remain in effect until this declaration of emergency is lifted.

Our corporate offices in San Juan and Fort Lauderdale have not been affected by this event and all Departments including Claims, Utilization Management (clinical team) and Provider Relations remain open and operational and can be reached at the usual toll-free number 1-877-614-5056.

Providers will still be able to fax authorization requests to the UM Department, and those providers who utilize the web portal to request an authorization, to check claims status, or to perform direct-data-entry of claims will still be able to do so. If, due to emergency conditions, you are unable to obtain an authorization, please do not disrupt your patients’ care. Authorizations will be processed by our UM Department in accordance with the state of emergency issued for the Island of Puerto Rico.